Waxing Do’s & Don’t

How long does my hair have to be to get waxed?
1/4 of an inch or this long __ This will ensure the wax adheres to the hair. Keep in mind that, if your hair is longer than 1/4 of an inch it can be painful. If you have thick corse hair it will be more effective if the hair is 1/2 inch long.

Should I Exfoliate the skin?
Absolutely, Exfoliating with a body scrub will ensure the wax goes straight to the hair and not have to cut through dead skin cells and oils.

What can do for Pain?
You can take ibuprofen or aspiring 30 minutes before the help with pain sensitivity. For Brazilian wax you can arrive 15 minutes early and ask for subbing spray

What if i get a rash/turn red?
Do not apply any lotions or oils because that will irritate it more. Do not apply ice or anything cold to the surface being waxed. Shower immediately after exercise to keep follicles clear and bacteria free. Avoid sweating, heat keep the waxed area clean for the first few hours.

Can I shower before i get waxed?
Hot showers can be worse.Take a warm shower which helps open pores and will remove the hair faster.

Can I wax during my menstrual period?
Wait one week after your menstrual cycle to schedule your Bikini Area was service.

Can I drink coffee or alcohol before my wax service?
Caffeinated drinks or alcohol before waxing can make skin sensitive.

Can I shave in between my waxing appointments?
Shaving disturbs you growth pattern. To gain the most from waxing, avoid shaving and schedule your appointments regularly.

Lash Extensions

BEFORE CARE: Your eyes should be clean for better and last longer results. We prefer no makeup residue such as eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara before coming to our studio.

AFTERCARE: To allow lash adhesive to fully dry, do not get lashes wet and keep them moisture free for full 24 hours. This includes exercising, showering, swimming, excessive sweating, etc. Do not pull or pick on your lashes because this risks lashes fallen out prematurely. Avoid any excessive heat or oil based products (mascara, liquid liner, eye creams, lotions etc.) which can degrade the adhesive. Try to sleep on your back or side, not face down. Gently brush your lashes daily to keep them looking nice and tangling. Recommend our Spooly Brush!

LASH FILLS: Maintain the fullness of your lash with regular touch up visits. Lash fills can vary depending on Natural or Full. Free touch-ups within the first 24 hours of initial visit only. Lash fills are NOT for lashes that are 50% or more fallen out, a brand new set of lashes are required. A new set of lashes are recommended approximately every 2 weeks.